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This is the new web site for Country Sports TV

NEW CAMPAIGN to Fight to retain lead shot for all shooting.

Save Our lead Shot

The Wildfowl and Wetland Trust are lobbing the government for a total ban on lead shot. It time for all shooters to become active and help in the fight to retain lead ammunition.

The WWT/BASC report, I believe could be used as supportive evidence for a possible wider ban on the use of lead shot for all shooting. My perception of the report is that although they are not saying it directly, but they seem to be hinting, that a total lead ban for all shooting is the only way to enforce the lead shot ban over wetlands. 

The BASC logo was removed from the LAG web site and then replaced. To prove it was there I did this little video. below.

This is the first video of HRH the Duke of Edinurgh on youtube. He is giving out the CLA long service awards at the CLA game fair in 2008.

This could be my claim to fame.

This was recordered for Country Sports Radio now Country Sports TV.

Interview with Blue Peter star Peter Purves and Doctor Who star Berrard Cribbins at the CLA game fair 2008.
Peter is reporting on the gun dogs and Berrard talks about pigeon shooting.

A trip to the USA.

A couple of years ago Pat and Ian the Gun when on a little trip to the USA shooting.

First we visited a small gun shop in PA and then skeet shooting. 

The next day drove across the Delaware to NJ the the Cedar Creek SHooting Clays, Millville NJ. Its so big you have to drive around in a golf cart.

The next week a short flight to Salt Lake City UT, Pat took the wheel and we drove across the Rockies to Montana. Stopping off at the Big Hole Battle Field, on the way.

Pat does a little Ica Raod Trucking.

Below is a short video from the CLA Game FAir 2011 with the Jazz Band.

The video below is Punt Guns in active with the Bridgwater bay Wildfowlers.

One of the high lights of the CLA Game Fair 2010 is the Lurcher v Terriers race.


Shooting News

News, lies, rumours & fact. reading is bieving.

Inadmissible Evidence can be read on the save our lead shot page.

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I am now having to pay for the web site and running costs for the campaign, please can help fund this campaign by donating £5, we're run on a shoestring and any help with expenses and travel is welcomed. We will send you a free Save Our lead Shot badge worth £1.

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